Tasty Tarts – John King, Food Republic @ Pavilion KL

When it comes to tarts, John King in Food Republic in Pavilion KL is quite popular. Aside from the normal Egg tarts, John King sells Durian tarts, Coffee tarts, Corn tarts, Red Bean tarts among others.

Egg Tart (left) and Coffee Tart (right)
Egg Tart (left) and Coffee Tart (right)

Red Bean Tart (left), Corn Tart (right) and Curry Chicken Pie
Red Bean Tart (left), Corn Tart (right) and Curry Chicken Pie

The Egg Tart is crispy albeit the egg’s part a little too soft. As for the Coffee Tart, I would say just stick to the Egg Tart. Just buy the Egg Tart. Don’t even bother trying the others. The Curry Chicken Pie is as crispy as the Egg Tart and is not too bad.


  • Egg Tart – RM 1.60
  • Coffee Tart – RM 1.80
  • Corn Tart – RM 1.70
  • Red Bean Tart – RM 1.70
  • Curry Chicken Pie – RM 2.80


John King,
Food Republic Apex Excellent,
Lot 1.41.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 3.0