Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam @ SACC Mall, Shah Alam

Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam located in Shah Alam City Centre Mall or more known as SACC Mall in Shah Alam serves delightful breakfast. The ‘K’ in Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam stands for Kemaman, a district in Terengganu, which is popular for its coffee. Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam has an extensive menu for food and drinks.

Uncle 'K' Kopitiam Tosai Masala
Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam Tosai Masala

Tosai Masala which consists of potatoes and tosai is surprisingly appetizing.

Uncle 'K' Kopitiam Roti Cheese + Telur
Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam Roti Cheese + Telur

Roti Cheese + Telur is unique but is delicious even though the amount of cheese is quite insufficient, otherwise, it would be perfect.

Uncle 'K' Kopitiam Black & White Coffee
Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam Black & White Coffee

Black & White Coffee doesn’t only look good, but taste just as good as it looks. The coffee tastes quite strong.

Uncle 'K' Special Kemaman Coffee
Uncle ‘K’ Special Kemaman Coffee

Uncle ‘K’ Special Kemaman Coffee is true to its name — special and has a mesmerizing coffee flavor that last in your mouth after you sip it.

Overall, Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam may be slightly overpriced for kopitiam standard but the food and coffee are definitely worth every cent.


  • Tosai Masala – RM 3.20
  • Roti Cheese + Telur – RM 3.50
  • Uncle ‘K’ Special Kemaman Coffee – RM 3.80
  • Black & White Coffee – RM 5.90


Uncle ‘K’ Kopitiam,
Lot 33 & 33A, Shah Alam City Centre (SACC) Mall,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0

Hainan Delights – Hainan Tea @ Plaza Low Yat

Hainan Tea, a kopitiam located in Plaza Low Yat serves delicious food and coffee.

Hainan Tea's Hainan Toast with Kaya Butter
Hainan Tea’s Hainan Toast with Kaya Butter

Hainan Toast with Kaya Butter is unbelievably satiating even though there negative reviews on it on the blogosphere.

Hainan Tea's Sausage Cheese Toast
Hainan Tea’s Sausage Cheese Toast

Sausage Cheese Toast, meanwhile, is incredibly tasty but the amount might not be sufficient as a decent meal.

Hainan Tea's Milk Coffee
Hainan Tea’s Milk Coffee

Milk Coffee at Hainan Tea averages better than most milk coffee you can find in the restaurants and kopitiam.

Hainan Tea's Hainan Premium Coffee
Hainan Tea’s Hainan Premium Coffee

Hainan Premium Coffee is delectable and aromatic. You can really taste the strong flavor of coffee just from the smell of it.


  • Hainan Toast with Kaya Butter – RM 2.70
  • Sausage Cheese Toast – RM 5.90
  • Milk Coffee – RM 3.50
  • Hainan Premium Coffee – RM 4.50


Hainan Tea,
Plaza Low Yat,
7, Jalan Bintang, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 3.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 3.0

Valentine’s Day Set – Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ Bangsar Village I

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge originates from Australia, serves fine chocolate — be it chocolate drinks, chocolate fondue, waffles, pancakes or crepes, the is the place to be. The latest store is opened in Bangsar Village I after opening stores in One Utama and Pavilion KL. Last Valentine’s, Theobroma has a special promotion — at RM19.90 per set, the set comes with a choice of pancake or crepe, mini fondue and coffee, tea or chocolate drink.

Theobroma's Chocolate Chip Sultana Pancake
Theobroma’s Chocolate Chip Sultana Pancake

Chocolate Chip Sultana Pancake is delightful. It’s like taking shower with chocolate instead of water. Chocolate chips, sultana raisins and chocolate syrup, you must choose this if you love pancake.

Theobroma's Chocolate, Nuts & Sultana Crepe
Theobroma’s Chocolate, Nuts & Sultana Crepe

Chocolate, Nuts & Sultana Crepe is delicious and crispy and crunchy. It’s like taking a bath in a bathtub filled with chocolate syrup and nuts. It’s just that incredible. If you prefer something crispier than pancake, you should order this crepe.

Theobroma's Mini Fondue
Theobroma’s Mini Fondue

Theobroma’s Mini Fondue is quite mini and not so tempting. It comes with kiwi fruits, bananas, mandarin oranges and strawberries and a tiny saucer of melted chocolate. However, since this is included in the RM19.90 set, it seems to be alright.

Theobroma's Cappuccino
Theobroma’s Cappuccino

Cappuccino is quite satiating and it is never short of attraction with the lovely coffee art.

Theobroma's Flat White
Theobroma’s Flat White

The same applies to Flat White, a white coffee drink with foamy and beautiful coffee art, the drink tastes slightly better than Cappuccino.


  • Valentine Set A – RM 19.90
  • Chocolate Chip Sultana Pancake
  • Mini Fondue
  • Cappuccino
  • Valentine Set B – RM 19.90
  • Chocolate, Nuts & Sultana Crepe
  • Mini Fondue
  • Flat White


Theobroma Chocolate Lounge,
G5, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village Shopping Centre,
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

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My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant @ AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant, which is originated from Thailand serves pretty good food and is famous for its gourmet coffee. Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant has opened up four branches in Malaysia and one of them is in AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang.

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant's Teriyaki Chicken Sauce
Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant’s Teriyaki Chicken Sauce

Teriyaki Chicken Steak which consists of grilled chicken breast served with Black Canyon’s teriyaki sauce, french fries, potato salad and toast is a wholesome meal, and it is more than satiating. Somehow, it is a bit oily.

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant's Chicken Green Curry Rice
Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant’s Chicken Green Curry Rice

Chicken Green Curry Rice is quite special. It’s not the kind of fried rice you normally have. Instead, the rice is stir-fried with a special green curry sauce and chicken. The Chicken Green Curry Rice is appetizing but the boiled egg that comes together is cold, straight from the refrigerator.

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant's Mexican Iced Coffee
Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant’s Mexican Iced Coffee

Mexican Iced Coffee is the type of coffee pure gourmet coffee lover would love. With nutty soft taste, the drink is also refreshing from the cooling ice and Kahlua Syrup. It is said that Mexican iced coffee is an excellent drink, especially after dinner as it aids digestion.

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant's Blackpuccino
Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant’s Blackpuccino

Blackpuccino, unlike the name, is not dark cappuccino but is an Espresso drink. It is a frozen blended coffee topped with creamy milk. It is absolutely tantalizing and a delicious drink.

Overall, the food at Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant is above the par, the restaurant has a great ambiance and there is a wide variety of food to choose from. The coffee is Black Canyon’s specialities and you’ll also have trouble choosing the drink from the menu because Black Canyon has a whole menu just for coffee and tea.


  • Teriyaki Chicken Steak – RM 15.90
  • Chicken Green Curry Rice – RM 8.90
  • Mexican Iced Coffee – RM 8.50
  • Blackpuccino – RM 8.95


Black Canyon Restaurant,
Lot F05, First Floor AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre,
1, Persiaran Batu Nilam 1/KS 6,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200 Klang, Selangor D.E., MALAYSIA.

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My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0

Alcoholic Coffee – Espressamente Illy @ Pavilion KL

Love coffee? Love alcohol too? Then, Espressamente Illy at Pavilion KL is the place for you. The espressmente (Italian-styled coffee house) is located besides Esprit Cafe and opposite Starhill, Espressamente Illy won’t be hard to find.

The coffee bar in Espressanmente Illy looks more stunning than its coffee
The coffee bar in Espressanmente Illy looks more stunning than its coffee

Of course, the coffee looks and tastes stunning as well.

Angelo Nero
Angelo Nero

Angelo Nero is a strong drink with ingredients like Long Illy Espresso, amaretto Di Saromo, dark rum, liquid cream and ice cubes.

While, Ossessione tastes sweeter compares to Angelo Nero with ingredients such as Double Illy Espresso, Baileys, whiskey, ice cream and fresh liquid cream.

Cappuccino Freddo Greco
Cappuccino Freddo Greco

Cappuccino Freddo Greco is without alcohol and is mixed of Strong Double Illy Espresso, liquid sugar, cold fresh milk and ice cubes.

From top: Ossessione, Angelo Nero and Cappuccino Freddo Greco
From top: Ossessione, Angelo Nero and Cappuccino Freddo Greco

I love coffee and I love alcohol – mixing both of them – heaven.


  • Angelo Nero – RM 27.00
  • Ossessione – RM 27.00
  • Cappuccino Freddo Greco – RM 13.00


Espressamente Illy,
Lot 3.10.00, Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 4.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0

Pasta and Pizza – Caffe 1920 @ The Curve

Caffe 1920 is one of my favorite place for pasta and pizza. It should be yours too.

There are quite a number of selections for its pasta – Tomato Base, Cream Base, Olive Oil Base and Oven Baked Pasta, which is, the Lasagna. Piccante which consists of turkey ham & beef bacon in a spicy cream sauce goes well with Penne as the pasta selection. While, Pollo & Funghi, which has chicken & mushroom in tomato & cream sauce goes well with Spaghetti.

Both the pasta are delectable with its rich sauce, it’s good to every bit!

Caffe 1920's Piccante
Caffe 1920′s Piccante

Caffe 1920's Pollo Funghi
Caffe 1920′s Pollo Funghi

While the pasta is good, the pizza is not that bad as well. Diavola, a pizza that consists of tomato, cheese, beef pepperoni, red chili flakes, is tantalizing as it’s thin and crispy just like all the pizzas in Caffe 1920.

Caffe 1920's Diavola
Caffe 1920′s Diavola

Meanwhile, the drinks are quite lovely, unlike most places that serve good food, which in return, usually have bad drinks.

Cappucino Freddo is a really icy cold glass of ice cappuccino.

Caffe 1920's Cappuccino Freddo
Caffe 1920′s Cappuccino Freddo

Caffe Freddo is a cold espresso coffee with whipped cream topping.

Caffe 1920's Caffe Freddo
Caffe 1920′s Caffe Freddo


  • Piccante Penne (Starter) – RM 14.50
  • Pollo & Funghi (Starter) – RM 14.50
  • Diavola (Regular) – RM 15.00
  • Cappuccino Freddo – RM 7.50
  • Caffe Freddo – RM 8.00


Caffe 1920,
Lot 153, 1st Floor, Western Courtyard, The Curve,
No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E., MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 4.0
  • Ambiance – 3.0