Penang Nyonya @ AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre

Penang Nyonya as the name says serves Penang Nyonya food. Located on the first floor in AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, Penang Nyonya is yet another restaurants serving Penang food ala Nyonya style. There is another Nyonya restaurant called “Nyonya Colors” on the same row.

Penang Nyonya's Spring Rolls
Penang Nyonya’s Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls or “Popiah” in Malay, is usually fried to perfection and is a great delicacy. Spring Rolls at Penang Nyonya is no difference — it is crispy, delicious and served hot albeit a little oily.

Penang Nyonya's Nyonya Nasi Lemak
Penang Nyonya’s Nyonya Nasi Lemak

Chicken Beef Set consists of a plate of rice (selection of either Briyani or Lemak), chicken or beef dishes, appetizer, dessert and a drink. Surprisingly, my selection of Lemak rice ends up the same as what my partner ordered — Nyonya Nasi Lemak and Penang Chicken Curry. I have to say the Nyonya Nasi Lemak is a disappointment. There is really nothing to shout about.

Penang Nyonya's Penang Curry Chicken
Penang Nyonya’s Penang Curry Chicken

Penang Curry Chicken is quite mediocre. It’s oily, the curry does not have enough santan and flavor and doesn’t seem to look appetizing.

Penang Nyonya's Cendol
Penang Nyonya’s Cendol

Cendol is perhaps the worst of the worst item on the menu. First off, the cendol does not come with red beans. This is the first time I eat cendol without red beans and I must say it is not very pleasing at all. There are tonnes of places that serve better cendol than here. In fact, all of them have better cendol and it is quite a disappointment to know Klang has a place which serves Penang Nyonya food has one of the worst cendol in the country, knowing that Klang also has one of the best cendols in Malaysia.

Overall, Penang Nyonya would be the last place on earth we would go to, ever. There are plenty of other restaurants in AEON Bukit Tinggi which serve better food at a better fare, why bother coming here?


  • Chicken Beef Set (Penang Chicken Curry, Lemak Rice, Cendol, Iced Lemon Tea, Spring Rolls) – RM 15.90
  • Nyonya Nasi Lemak – RM 7.90
  • Iced Kopi Susu – RM 2.80


Penang Nyonya,
Lot F18, 1st Floor, AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre,
1, Persiaran Batu Nilam 1/KS 6,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200 Klang, Selangor D.E., MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 3.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0