Pasta and Pizza – Caffe 1920 @ The Curve

Caffe 1920 is one of my favorite place for pasta and pizza. It should be yours too.

There are quite a number of selections for its pasta – Tomato Base, Cream Base, Olive Oil Base and Oven Baked Pasta, which is, the Lasagna. Piccante which consists of turkey ham & beef bacon in a spicy cream sauce goes well with Penne as the pasta selection. While, Pollo & Funghi, which has chicken & mushroom in tomato & cream sauce goes well with Spaghetti.

Both the pasta are delectable with its rich sauce, it’s good to every bit!

Caffe 1920's Piccante
Caffe 1920′s Piccante

Caffe 1920's Pollo Funghi
Caffe 1920′s Pollo Funghi

While the pasta is good, the pizza is not that bad as well. Diavola, a pizza that consists of tomato, cheese, beef pepperoni, red chili flakes, is tantalizing as it’s thin and crispy just like all the pizzas in Caffe 1920.

Caffe 1920's Diavola
Caffe 1920′s Diavola

Meanwhile, the drinks are quite lovely, unlike most places that serve good food, which in return, usually have bad drinks.

Cappucino Freddo is a really icy cold glass of ice cappuccino.

Caffe 1920's Cappuccino Freddo
Caffe 1920′s Cappuccino Freddo

Caffe Freddo is a cold espresso coffee with whipped cream topping.

Caffe 1920's Caffe Freddo
Caffe 1920′s Caffe Freddo


  • Piccante Penne (Starter) – RM 14.50
  • Pollo & Funghi (Starter) – RM 14.50
  • Diavola (Regular) – RM 15.00
  • Cappuccino Freddo – RM 7.50
  • Caffe Freddo – RM 8.00


Caffe 1920,
Lot 153, 1st Floor, Western Courtyard, The Curve,
No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E., MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 4.0
  • Ambiance – 3.0