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Vietnamese Cuisine – Co Do @ Mid Valley Megamall

Co Do serves authentic Vietnamese Cuisine and has won several accolades including one from Tatler Magazine Malaysia. Co Do is located on the 3rd floor of Mid Valley Megamall, same floor as GSC. Don’t get confused by Little Vietnam, which is located besides Co Do. Co Do is actually the one on the right, in which you have to take the staircase to go up to the restaurant.

Co Do's Set B
Clockwise from top: Dragonfruit Salad, Beef Ball Soup Hu Tieu, Tomato Fried Rice, Lotus Root Pancake and Vietnamese Spring Roll

Co Do's Soya Bean and Iced Lime Tea
Co Do’s Soya Bean and Iced Lime Tea come with Set B as well

Co Do’s Dim Sum – Trio & Main Course Set for Two which comes out to about RM35 for two person have four sets for the diners to choose from. We had Set B which consists of Dragonfruit Salad, Lotus Root Pancake, Vietnamese Spring Roll, Served with Tomato Fried Rice & Chicken or Beef Ball Soup Hu Tieu and two glasses of either Iced Lime Tea or Soya Bean. It is quite a steal as the price is RM 35.90 for all these, more than enough for two person.

The Dragonfruit Salad is delicious and fresh, even though mixing bits of fried squid with white Dragonfruit to create the salad is a little unusual. Lotus Root Pancake is crispy and savory, while the Vietnamese Spring Roll is as good. Tomato Fried Rice is delicious — the rice is savory, seasoned with garlic and contains bits of yam, it almost tastes like yam rice. Beef Ball Soup Hu Tieu is also delectable, as the beef ball is aplenty and irresistible while the noodles are quite scrumptious.

Co Do's Soda with Sour Plum
Co Do’s Soda with Sour Plum

Soda with Sour Plum is likely the biggest rip off as the Soda is F&N Soda water added with half a glass of sour plum.

Co Do's Vitamin C Burst
Co Do’s Vitamin C Burst

Vitamin C Burst consists of Orange, Calamansi & Starfruit. It surely has a lot of Vitamin C, for those health-conscious people.

Co Do's Tamarind Seafood Noodle Soup
Co Do’s Tamarind Seafood Noodle Soup

Tamarind Seafood Noodle Soup is quite mediocre compared to any of the food in Set B.

Co Do's Tamarind Seafood Noodle Soup
Co Do’s Hanoi Chicken Fragrant Soup Mee

Hanoi Chicken Fragrant Soup Mee is also so-so and there’s nothing to shout about.

Overall, the Dim Sum – Trio & Main Course Set for Two is a steal and you should order this as it is not only worth every single cent you will spend, the food are amazing, especially the scrumptious dim sum.


  • Set B – RM 35.00
  • Tamarind Seafood Noodle Soup – RM 12.90
  • Hanoi Chicken Fragrant Soup Mee – RM 8.50
  • Vitamin C Burst – RM 6.80
  • Soda with Sour Plum – RM 4.80


Co Do,
Lot T-052, Level 3,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 4.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0

Cadbury BrunchBar Minis Hazelnut

Cadbury Brunchbar Minis is newly introduced by Cadbury. As its name say, the product is suitable for your daily brunch, although I believe it’s more suitable for breakfast or afternoon tea. Cadbury Brunchbar Minis consists of 12 Mini Bars. The Hazelnut flavor has oats, hazelnuts, bran, rice crisps and honey and of course, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate.

Cadbury Brunchbar Minis Hazelnut
Cadbury Brunchbar Minis Hazelnut

Big Taste in a Mini Size.

Cadbury Brunchbar Minis Hazelnut
Cadbury Brunchbar Minis Hazelnut

Hazelnut Cadbury Brunchbar Minis is irresistible and yet, healthy and wholesome.

The price may be a little hefty, but think of it, it’s slightly above RM 1.50 per bar and it’s not only delicious but it’s healthier than chocolate bars.


  • Cadbury Brunchbar Minis Hazelnut 180g – RM 18.99

Set Lunch – Rabbit Cafe @ Wisma Cosway

Rabbit Cafe, which is a newly opened restaurant in Wisma Cosway, has introduced set lunches that are so attractive, most of its tables are full during lunch hour. Rabbit Cafe has taken over the location of a restaurant formerly as Aunty Mama.

There are more than a dozen of set lunches to choose from and no matter which set you order, each set comes with either fruits, fruit rojak or vege rojak, the main course and coffee / tea or jasmine green tea.

Rabbit Cafe's Fruits and Coffee (Iced)
Rabbit Cafe’s Fruits and Coffee (Iced)

Rabbit Cafe's Fruit Rojak and Jasmine Green Tea
Rabbit Cafe’s Fruit Rojak and Jasmine Green Tea

While the Fruits and Coffee are quite ordinary, the Fruit Rojak is quite tasty. However, Jasmine Green Tea is something you should not order.

Rabbit Cafe's Special Fried Rice
Rabbit Cafe’s Special Fried Rice

Special Fried Rice may sounds special, but there’s really nothing to shout about. I would prefer the fried rice in Studio S anytime.

Rabbit Cafe's Kam Heong Chicken with Rice
Rabbit Cafe’s Kam Heong Chicken with Rice

Kam Heong Chicken with Rice is somewhat more special than the fried rice and worth mentioning.

Still, for the price of RM 9.90 (not including tax), is not really a bargain unless of course, if you are the lazy type who prefer to have everything — food, drinks and desserts (fruits or fruit rojak) at one go.


  • Set Meal 2 – RM 9.90
  • Set Meal 8 – RM 9.90


Rabbit Cafe,
Lot 108, 1st Floor, Wisma Cosway, Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 3.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 3.0

Wantan Noodles – Restoran Hung Kee @ Jalan Loke Yew

Wantan Noodles that are scrumptious are hard to find these days, especially in KL. Restoran Hung Kee is Jalan Loke Yew serves good Wantan Noodles and are quite well-known among the people.

Hung Kee's Wantan Noodles
Hung Kee’s Wantan Noodles

Hung Kee’s Wantan Noodles is definitely better than Petaling Street’s Koon Kee and Bidor’s Pun Chun. Unlike Pun Chun, Hung Kee is generous with the Wantan, as the normal Wantan Noodles (Big) come with at least six Wantan and a bunchful of char siew. Some even said the char siew are among the best in the whole KL.

“Hung Kee’s Siew Yuk (Roast Pork) Noodles

Hung Kee’s Siew Yuk or Roast Pork is however quite ordinary, like most other places.

At least, we don’t need to travel all the way to Bidor for a good plate of Wantan Noodles, knowing that at RM 6.00, we can get really good Wantan Noodles that satiates us with every bite.


  • Wantan Noodles (Big) – RM 6.50
  • Siew Yuk Noodles (Small) – RM 5.00
  • Hoi Lam Lou White Coffee (Cold) – RM 2.00


Restoran Hung Kee,
28-5 & 28-6, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 2.0
  • Ambiance – 2.0

Japanese Desserts – MOF’s Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Pavilion KL

MOF or Ministry of Food has recently stepped its shoe in Malaysia by setting a cafe namely MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee in Pavilion KL.

MOF has already established itself in Singapore a couple of years back. And now, MOF is bringing Malaysians the chance to savor the healthy authentic Japanese sweets and coffee right here in our shore. There are a variety of sweets and desserts to choose from, not forgetting a range of exquisite coffee too.

MOF's Japanese Sweets & Coffee
MOF’s Japanese Sweets & Coffee

The interior of MOF's Japanese Sweets & Coffee is cozy and modern
The interior of MOF’s Japanese Sweets & Coffee is cozy and modern

MOF's Mango Imo
MOF’s Mango Imo

Mango Imo consists of Soft serve ice-cream with mango sauce and Japanese Sweet Potato (Imo). The Japanese Sweet Potato is served hot, therefore, this dessert comes with a special note that contains little tips to eating Japanese Sweet Potato or Imo. The best way to eat Imo is to spoon a bit of everything and then eat them together to enjoy the hot Imo and the icy cold soft-serve ice-cream. The result? Delightful.

MOF's Mocha Frappe
MOF’s Mocha Frappe

The Mocha Frappe, which is a drink with the mixture of coffee and chocolate tastes better than expected. Unlike Starbucks, MOF Mocha Frappe is rich with chocolate bits and the coffee flavor is so strong, once sipped, it totally inhales into the nose causing a strong sense of awakening.

MOF's Hot Chocolate
MOF’s Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, which comes with Gyuuhi, a Japanese sweet, is however, less favorable than the other two. In my opinions, MOF is the place for sweets and coffee, and not chocolate. Also, unlike the MOF restaurants elsewhere, the Malaysia version only serves sweets and coffee and they are halal.


  • Mango Imo – RM 11.00
  • Mocha Frappe – RM 10.00
  • Hot Chocolate – RM 9.00


MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee,
Lot 1.02.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0

Hearty Buffet Breakfast – Park Avenue Hotel @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

Normally, most hotels serve blatant buffet breakfast and you’ll end up disappointed after making yourself waking up at 6 in the morning, only to have a lousy breakfast by 7am. However, Park Avenue Hotel’s Buffet Breakfast doesn’t disappoint at all.

With selection from English breakfast such as Scramble Eggs and Sausages to Local delicacies such as Nasi Lemak, Fried Bihun and Fried Rice, you’ll have endless choice of hearty breakfast to choose from.

Park Avenue Hotel's English Breakfast
Park Avenue Hotel’s English Breakfast

Park Avenue Hotel's Local Delicacies
Park Avenue Hotel’s Local Delicacies

Park Avenue Hotel's Toast with Peanut Butter and Jelly
Park Avenue Hotel’s Toast with Peanut Butter and Jelly

Park Avenue Hotel's Coffee
Park Avenue Hotel’s Coffee

The room at Park Avenue Hotel starts from RM 145.00, which comes with complimentary breakfast for two.


  • Included with all hotel stay


Park Avenue Hotel,
E-1 Jalan Indah Dua, Taman Sejati Indah,
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah Darul Aman, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 3.0

Penang Assam Laksa – Restoran Studio S @ Wisma Cosway

Besides the fried rice, Restoran Studio S serves Penang Assam Laksa on every Friday.

Restoran Studio S's Penang Assam Laksa
Restoran Studio S’s Penang Assam Laksa

Penang Assam Laksa is not exactly your ordinary Penang Assam Laksa. It’s very much Malay style and taste very much different.

Restoran Studio S's Nasi Paprik
Restoran Studio S’s Nasi Paprik

Nasi Paprik is just nice — hot and spicy, just like the way I like it.

Restoran Studio S's Tom Yam Soup
Restoran Studio S’s Tom Yam Soup

Tom Yam Soup is delicious and spicy and slightly sour. The soup comes with generous amounts of prawns and seafood.


  • Penang Assam Laksa – RM 3.00
  • Nasi Paprik – RM 5.20
  • Tom Yam Soup – RM 3.00


Restoran Studio S, 1st Floor,
Wisma Cosway, Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 4.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0

Taiwanese Cuisine – Little Taiwan, Food Republic @ Pavilion KL

If you fancy Taiwanese cuisine and don’t plan to fork out a bomb to pay for the food, Little Taiwan at the Food Republic in Pavilion KL is just the place to be.

Little Taiwan's Stewed Beef Noodles
Little Taiwan’s Stewed Beef Noodles

For just RM 3.90 (RM 4.10 including tax), you can get a bowl of lovely Stewed Beef Noodles. The pieces of stewed beef are delicious while the noodles are scrumptious despite the lack of spices. I other words, it’s healthy and yet, affordable. There is also an option of Stewed Beef Rice if you prefer rice instead of noodles.

Little Taiwan's Tempura
Little Taiwan’s Tempura

Tempura is hot and crispy and is also delightful as a snack or even as your dinner — just add rice for RM 1.00 and it’s good to go.

Little Taiwan's Tempura Rice
Little Taiwan’s Rice


  • Stewed Beef Noodles – RM 3.90
  • Tempura – RM 5.90
  • Add Rice – RM 1.00


Little Taiwan,
Food Republic Apex Excellent,
Lot 1.41.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 3.0
  • Ambiance – 3.0

Dim Sum – Restoran Chao Zhou @ Prai, Penang

Restoran Chao Zhou (Teochew Restaurant) is quite popular with its dim sum and is usually crowded on a Sunday morning with many families filling up the tables longing for its fresh, hot and delicious dim sum.

Restoran Chao Zhou's range of Dim Sum
Restoran Chao Zhou’s range of Dim Sum

Restoran Chao Zhou does not have a really wide range of dim sum but it is sufficient enough. The dim sum here are fresh and hot but gets cold quickly inside the air-conditioned restaurant as the place is quite small. Instead, one should have the dim sum in the outdoor area of the restaurant.

Restoran Chao Zhou's Deep Fried Stuffed Yam
Restoran Chao Zhou’s Deep Fried Stuffed Yam

After looking at these two pictures, are you already carving for dim sum?


  • Dim Sum, serving for 6 persons – RM 52++ (RM 2 – RM 6 per plates)


Restoran Chao Zhou (Teochew Restaurant),
107, 109, 111, Jalan Gan Chai Leng,
Taman Chai Leng,
13700 Perai, Penang, MALAYSIA

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 2.0
  • Ambiance – 2.0

Great Food – The Apartment Downtown @ Suria KLCC

The Apartment Downtown in Suria KLCC serves good and yet affordable food in a really cozy environment.

The Apartment's Cheese Platter
The Apartment’s Cheese Platter

If you are a cheese lover, you must not miss the Cheese Platter, great as appetizer. With a selection of cheeses served with frozen grapes, this dish is definitely a refreshing way to start your dining experience. The selection of cheeses include English mature cheddar (a strong flavored hard cheese), Gouda (slightly smoked semi-hard cheese), Danish blue (soft blue cheese) and Brie (soft ripened cheese). English mature cheddar is my favorite of them all as it has as strong flavored of cheese while I don’t quite like the Danish blue.

The Apartment's Chicken in a Bag
The Apartment’s Chicken in a Bag

Chicken in a Bag is a chicken dish which consists of chicken breast with leek, cannelloni bean, new potato, whole grain mustard and cream baked in a bag. The mustard sauce simply makes this dish delicious.

The Apartment's Seared Salmon Fillet
The Apartment’s Seared Salmon Fillet

Seared Salmon Fillet is seared salmon on crushed new potatoes and slow roasted tomatoes, together with pesto with a sun dried tomato and oregano sauce. It is quite good, the salmon is quite fresh while the sauce makes the dish quite aromatic and warm.

The Apartment's Banana Leaf Lemon Sole

The Apartment's Banana Leaf Lemon Sole
The Apartment’s Banana Leaf Lemon Sole

Banana Leaf Lemon Sole is a fillet of lemon sole in a citrus-spiced coconut milk wrapped in banana leaf and baked in the oven. It comes with steam rice. Although it looks appetizing, I still prefer the salmon fillet over this. The coconut milk and the banana leaf actually make the fillet slightly soggy and lost its freshness.

The Apartment's Iced Cappuccino
The Apartment’s Iced Cappuccino

When it comes to Iced Cappuccino, I prefer Delicious’ Iced Cappuccino anytime. The Apartment’s Iced Cappuccino lacks the real cappuccino flavor as it tastes almost like drain water. Okay, maybe not that bad.

The Apartment's Iced Chocolate
The Apartment’s Iced Chocolate

Iced Chocolate is pretty alright but when it comes to fancy places like The Apartment Downtown, one should never order gourmet coffee (and maybe chocolate) since Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, San Francisco Coffee and The Coffee Bean always have better coffees are just a few shops away. What the heck. Great food and very lovely and cozy ambiance though.


  • Cheese Platter – RM 23.90
  • Chicken in a Bag – RM 22.90
  • Seared Salmon Fillet – RM 33.90
  • Banana Leaf Lemon Sole – RM 25.90
  • Iced Cappuccino – RM 12.90
  • Iced Chocolate – RM 13.90
  • Passion Fruit, Coolers – RM 10.50


The Apartment Downtown,
Lot G48 & 139, Ground Floor & First Floor,
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

My Ratings (1-5)

  • Food – 4.0
  • Service – 4.0
  • Ambiance – 4.0